Thank you all for the recognition. Winner of the People's Choice Award for 2019.
    • Hawaiian flower

      red anthurium

      from $69.99

    • double orchids plus

      orchids a-plenty

      from $139.99

    • Multi blooms


      from $55.99

    • Multi blossom bloomer


      from $45.99

    • Hawaiian bloomer


      from $49.99

    • Variety of plants in basket

      European garden

      from $69.99

    • Exotic moth orchid

      rain forest orchids

      from $79.99

    • Easy care indoor plant

      peace lily

      from $49.99

    • The FTD® White Orchid Planter is an elegant, long-lasting gift that beautifully conveys your condolences for their loss. A snow-white phalaenopsis orchid plant displays its exotic blooms while seated in a designer white ceramic container to create a symbol of peace that honors the life of the deceased.  <br>

      The FTD® White Orchid Planter

      from $69.99

    •  White Hydrangea Planter is a wonderful way to express your deepest condolences for their loss. A simply gorgeous hydrangea plant displays its clusters of white blooms arriving in a white-wash basket accented with a designer green wired taffeta ribbon to offer peace and comfort in their time of need.  <br>

      The FTD® White Hydrangea Planter


    • Rare. Exquisite. Beautiful. This exotic orchid plant makes a loving way to honor a very special someone who has passed away. The graceful Phalaenopsis Orchid has been styled by an FTD artisan florist, placed in a simple glass cylinder planter garnished with river rocks. It makes an elegant and understated tribute that’s a testament to the life you’re celebrating and to your extraordinary taste. It sends a touching message of sympathy and comfort to a wake or for delivering your condolences to grieving family and friends at home. Plant is approximately 22"H.

      FTD White Orchid Planter


    • The FTD Spathiphyllum, or more commonly known as the Peace Lily, is a beautiful plant to help convey your wishes for tranquility and sweet serenity. An ideal gift for most occasions, this lush plant displays white conical blooms perfectly presented in a round woven container to make it a natural fit for any interior decor. 8" plant. <br>

      The FTD Spathiphyllum


    • A 6in. pot size Golden Pothos.

      Golden Pothos


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